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As with previous games in the series, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock  will let up to four people play in a band on vocals, lead and bass/rhythm guitar, and drums, to successfully match notes as they scroll down the screen as appropriate for their instrument (or matching relative pitch, in the case of vocals), in order to perform well and complete each song. Official Xbox Magazine (UK) noted that a change to the core gameplay appears to be the addition of a sustained open-string bass note that was lacking in previous games.[3]  Another rumored change to the core gameplay is the inclusion of "ghost notes" on its drum charts, similar in appearence to the clear notes that make use of the touch strip on the more recent guitar peripherals. These appear when playing the drum peripheral on the expert + setting (which also utilizes double bass pedal gameplay) and allow the player to score more points if they hit the drum pad softer than normal.


hey could you tell me how to make 75 files into one iso. file. just tell me a program! and ill be happy :)

U mean unpack? If yes, use winrar.
can i play this game with a standard xbox pad?

yes a standard xbox pad is good enough. I don't have the guitar controller.
Anyone had actually tried warriors of rock with the Xbox360 controller only ?!
had tried the [Legend], didn't work!!!
no idea how to start it if you can't connect a mic. I have one, but just burned and haven't tried that yet. but would like to know how to start playing without a mic though.
okay i extracted it. now i need a .dvd file to burn on imgburn? how do i create an image file now?
this english and does it work ?
Could anyone help me? I burned this game and when I want to start playing... I can't change mic for guitar! Is this problem connected with fact that I have only a pad?